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In the relentless pursuit of business success, it doesn’t come as a surprise how competitive the market has become. The local business scene is accelerating at an unprecedented pace, outpacing even the best there is in the country. Amid the turbulence are three factors that have turned the once-familiar market into an impassable maze of challenges and opportunities: technological advancements, global disruptions, and evolving customer expectations. And it is through these pivotal factors of change that the role of a transformation partner emerges as indispensable.

In search of a guiding hand, companies have stumbled upon our brand, TOTC Inc. Our promise to our clients: to be more than just a service provider; because a transformation partner operates not merely as an outsider offering solutions. A real partner brings more than just technical expertise to the table;  we bring a holistic approach that considers the broader implications of change. Furthermore, for us at TOTC Inc., being a transformation partner entails three fundamental pillars:

1. Visionary Insight

 As a transformation partner, TOTC Inc. operates as an integrated member of the client’s ecosystem, deeply aligned with their strategic objectives and long-term vision. Through rigorous analysis, market intelligence, and foresight, we collaborate closely with our partners to unearth opportunities, anticipate challenges, and chart a course toward transformative outcomes.

2. Collaborative Engagement

Beyond the transactional exchange of services, TOTC Inc. tries its best to create a culture of collaboration, actively engaging stakeholders at all levels of the organization. By listening intently, understanding deeply, and communicating effectively, we empower our partners to embrace change, navigate uncertainty, and unleash their full potential. 

3. Iterative Innovation

As a transformation partner, TOTC Inc. continuously refines strategies, methodologies, and solutions in response to the shifting dynamics and emerging realities of the market. For welding training and service contracting specifically, TOTC Inc. ignites a spark of excellence that reverberates throughout the industry. By offering tailored training programs, hands-on workshops, and cutting-edge service contracting solutions, we foster a culture of innovation that sets new standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Together, Let’s Build Partnerships Headed to Success

In essence, being a transformation partner transcends the confines of traditional consultancy—it is a dynamic, symbiotic relationship grounded in shared purpose, mutual respect, and unwavering dedication to driving meaningful change. Crucially, being a transformation partner is about driving meaningful change that delivers tangible results. The Philippines’ business landscape is constantly evolving, and successful transformations require the ability to pivot, iterate, and course-correct as needed.

Ultimately, whether it’s improving operational efficiency, enhancing customer experience, or driving innovation, TOTC’s goal is to empower organizations to charge ahead of the increasingly competitive and complex market.

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Our Story

Toplis Offshore Training Center has been inspired by its mission to provide holistic development for Filipino workers since it started in 2007.  The idea was to develop a facility to train and certify welders that would be deployed by manning agencies for international employment in cruise ships, oil rigs, and platforms, construction, electrical and industrial sites.  95% of the registered manning agencies here in Metro Manila have been our partner in enhancing the skills of Offshore, Maritime, and other Industry workers in various types of welding applications.  With our continuous commitment to provide a global standard facility and training, more and more Filipinos have found life-forming opportunities outside the country as they mastered their craft.  But it didn’t end there. As a business for more than a decade, Toplis Offshore Training Center has realized the need to be more capable of providing service to the community. It was that moment when Toplis Offshore decided to expand the business to provide local employment for more skilled workers.  Year 2017, the company officially introduced service contracting.  The idea was to partner with local businesses to be their service provider from equipment, tools, specialized machinery, and trained workers in the field of construction, manufacturing, building maintenance, and other related industries.  In due course, clients see the value of what we do in service contracting. Most of our clients have started requesting services that are not part of what we initially do as a training facility.  We have started to grow our service contracting arm and even expanded to construction services.  But this year, the transformation begins.  We will continue to transform and improve the skills of the Filipino workforce. We will continue to transform and enhance every industry and its business.  This 2022, Toplis Offshore Training Center Incorporated is now TOTC Inc., your transformation partner through training, service contracting, and trading.