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Business is the backbone of the Philippine economy, with its fanciful state-of-the-art equipment, skilled workers who offer valuable industry insights, and partners who help shape an economy of innovation. When penetrating niche markets, unavoidable barriers embroil businesses and force them to recede. Sometimes, these uncertainties involve even higher stakes for companies. As a result, businesses need to catch up to their competitors, ceasing their edge and losing their valuable brand loyalty, which puts all prior efforts in vain. Thus, businesses have shifted to a new and unique business model of rendering solutions provided by local manpower services companies. 

But before we dive into what significant advantages manpower services provider brings, it’s best to consider what hinders the construction industry in the Philippines.

Factors Affecting the Construction Industry

Before partnering with manpower services companies, it is essential to acknowledge what barriers lie before the industry, what inherent struggles it experiences, challenges, and hindrances prevent it from booming into the business sector it is known for. Once these problems are identified, then that’s the moment to look for comprehensive solutions that address the following issues:

Regular Hurdles:

The construction industry operates within a complex web of obligations that require compliance with various permits, licenses, and safety standards. Navigating these regulations can be time-consuming and challenging for businesses to undertake alone.

Budget Constraints:

Construction projects are one of, if not the most expensive, ventures. As such, this has become a primary concern for most clients, followed by whether or not the project can be executed at a lower price. Cost management is a delicate task, and it is up to construction companies to contend with this struggle. 

Labor Shortages:

Manpower and skilled laborers are the backbone of any labor-intensive industry. However, more often than appreciated, a shortage of qualified workers leads to increased competition for talent. Consequently, this shortage can affect project deadlines or, worse, hinder the overall productivity of construction companies.

Project Delay and Disruption

Construction projects are susceptible to delays caused by various factors and unforeseen site conditions. These delays can lead to increased costs and client dissatisfaction.

But even with these challenges down the road, you can partner with reliable manpower services that can significantly alleviate the struggles faced by those in the construction industry. Unlock the true potential of your construction business by partnering with manpower services companies, such as TOTC, Inc. Leverage our benefits and enjoy the advantages of success the TOTC way. 

Brief Primer on Who TOTC, Inc. Is

Formerly known as Toplis Offshore, TOTC, Inc. has transformed into a notable and professional manpower services company that delivers integrated solutions for every business concern within the construction industry. With our extensive experience and expertise, we understand the criticality of finding reliable partners to meet the manpower needs of construction businesses.

Why Choose TOTC, Inc. As Your Go-To Manpower Services Company For All Things Construction Industry-Related

The Role of TOTC, Inc. as a Manpower Services Provider In Overcoming Construction Industry Struggles:

Labor Shortages and Talent Acquisition:

TOTC, Inc. bridges this gap by leveraging our extensive network and recruitment expertise to provide businesses with skilled manpower, ensuring uninterrupted project progress.

Regulatory Compliance and Administrative Burdens:

Navigating the complex regulatory framework of the construction industry, TOTC, Inc. eases this burden by handling essential compliance and organizational aspects, allowing our clients to focus on their core operations.

Flexibility and Scalability

Construction projects can vary in size and scope. TOTC, Inc. offers flexible and scalable manpower solutions, providing the workforce required to meet the demands of projects, whether large or small.

Expertise and Efficiency

With our rigorous recruitment process, TOTC, Inc. ensures that the skilled workers we deploy understand the unique requirements of each project, guaranteeing the right talent is assigned to deliver optimal results.

Unlock Your Business’s True Potential with Your Local Manpower Services Provider

In the dynamic and demanding construction industry, partnering with TOTC, Inc. as your premier manpower agency ensures your company gains a competitive edge. With our unmatched success rate, nationwide coverage, rapid deployment program, and formidable workforce, we are fully equipped to meet your manpower needs efficiently and effectively.

Experience the transformative power of exceptional manpower agency services in the construction industry. 

Contact TOTC, Inc. today to unlock your business’s true potential. Together, we can overcome industry challenges and succeed in the thriving construction sector of the Philippines.

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Our Story

Toplis Offshore Training Center has been inspired by its mission to provide holistic development for Filipino workers since it started in 2007.  The idea was to develop a facility to train and certify welders that would be deployed by manning agencies for international employment in cruise ships, oil rigs, and platforms, construction, electrical and industrial sites.  95% of the registered manning agencies here in Metro Manila have been our partner in enhancing the skills of Offshore, Maritime, and other Industry workers in various types of welding applications.  With our continuous commitment to provide a global standard facility and training, more and more Filipinos have found life-forming opportunities outside the country as they mastered their craft.  But it didn’t end there. As a business for more than a decade, Toplis Offshore Training Center has realized the need to be more capable of providing service to the community. It was that moment when Toplis Offshore decided to expand the business to provide local employment for more skilled workers.  Year 2017, the company officially introduced service contracting.  The idea was to partner with local businesses to be their service provider from equipment, tools, specialized machinery, and trained workers in the field of construction, manufacturing, building maintenance, and other related industries.  In due course, clients see the value of what we do in service contracting. Most of our clients have started requesting services that are not part of what we initially do as a training facility.  We have started to grow our service contracting arm and even expanded to construction services.  But this year, the transformation begins.  We will continue to transform and improve the skills of the Filipino workforce. We will continue to transform and enhance every industry and its business.  This 2022, Toplis Offshore Training Center Incorporated is now TOTC Inc., your transformation partner through training, service contracting, and trading.