TOTC’s Trade Testing activities

An outstanding group of potential professionals participated in the practical competency assessment facilitated by Toplis Offshore Training Center Inc.

        Just this October 4th, Tuesday, from 8am to 3pm, TOTC Incorporated, brought back its annual trade testing program after almost two years of being on-hold due to the pandemic crisis.

        A trade test is a type of practical competency exam used to assess individuals coming from a certain trade or occupation who have acquired knowledge, skills, and proficiency but have yet to possess a formal certification attesting to the prospective worker’s proficiency in adherence to the skill standards of a particular occupation. A little over two months ago, a skill training course was initiated under TOTC’s supervision wherein twice-a-week evaluations were executed in preparation for the actual trade testing event.

        Trade tests are typically proctored under direct administration of a myriad of potential employers while the staff provided by the host establishment facilitate the event. Upon application, participants are provided with the assessment criteria (based on the client’s standards) which will serve as guidelines as they partake in the hands-on demonstration.

        Notable clients who conducted the one-day event were said to have come from distinguished recruitment companies who are responsible for fostering a solid workforce in many different industries. For this event, they have specially catered to the engineering and construction industry. A total of three specific fields of expertise comprising 22 skilled artisans were tested that day: prospective pipe fitters, electricians and duct men. Successful completion of the test will result in recognition of qualification based on industry and clientele standards. Certification is a validation of the holder’s productivity, quality work, and competitiveness in the particular field of occupation.

        In our 15 years of service, TOTC Inc. has been the go-to training and service provider of companies because we are consistently committed to providing our craftsmen with the most dynamic skill training courses. Our mission is to empower the Filipino workforce by subjecting them to a high quality standard of assessment as well as incorporating advanced and up-to-date technology in their skill courses so our learners remain on the right track.

        Through this training course, TOTC upholds its undertaking of delivering the most holistic transformation for Filipino workers.

2 thoughts on “TOTC’s Trade Testing activities

  1. Maricris Zarate says:

    Hi, I would like to inquire regarding the trade tests that you offer specifically for TIG Welders.

    1. Are there different levels they can be tested on? or just 1?
    2. How are they being tested; when is someone assessed as “sufficiently good”?
    3. How much would the assessment/practical test cost per head?

    Thank you so much!

    • TOTC Inc. says:

      Thank you for writing to us, Maricris,

      To answer your questions, a) testing levels vary depending on the requirements, b) workers are assessed as “sufficiently good” when they pass the demonstrative exam and exhibit sufficient knowledge based on the required procedures, and c) assessment costs differ based on the WPS required by the client or employer/principal.

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Toplis Offshore Training Center has been inspired by its mission to provide holistic development for Filipino workers since it started in 2007.  The idea was to develop a facility to train and certify welders that would be deployed by manning agencies for international employment in cruise ships, oil rigs, and platforms, construction, electrical and industrial sites.  95% of the registered manning agencies here in Metro Manila have been our partner in enhancing the skills of Offshore, Maritime, and other Industry workers in various types of welding applications.  With our continuous commitment to provide a global standard facility and training, more and more Filipinos have found life-forming opportunities outside the country as they mastered their craft.  But it didn’t end there. As a business for more than a decade, Toplis Offshore Training Center has realized the need to be more capable of providing service to the community. It was that moment when Toplis Offshore decided to expand the business to provide local employment for more skilled workers.  Year 2017, the company officially introduced service contracting.  The idea was to partner with local businesses to be their service provider from equipment, tools, specialized machinery, and trained workers in the field of construction, manufacturing, building maintenance, and other related industries.  In due course, clients see the value of what we do in service contracting. Most of our clients have started requesting services that are not part of what we initially do as a training facility.  We have started to grow our service contracting arm and even expanded to construction services.  But this year, the transformation begins.  We will continue to transform and improve the skills of the Filipino workforce. We will continue to transform and enhance every industry and its business.  This 2022, Toplis Offshore Training Center Incorporated is now TOTC Inc., your transformation partner through training, service contracting, and trading.