Pros of Engaging in Service Contracting

Businesses of all sizes sometimes lack the resources to accomplish the tasks facing them. At different times, companies understand that they don’t have the necessary expertise in-house to acquire the required results. This is where service contracting comes in. Here are some of the advantages of engaging in a service contract.

Provides Expertise

Service contracting can bring specialized expertise to the company that you don’t have among staff. In most cases, they have been working in a specific field for a number of years to hone their skills and are likely to have done a similar task and will be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Increased Productivity

This is probably the biggest benefit of working with a service contractor. You can outsource a project to a third party to get the job done faster and will allow your staff to focus on core business.


An important part of engaging in a service contract allows both parties to be more flexible. Both should have clear communication and seamless cooperation and need to be on the same page about the objectives and goals as well as the terms and conditions of the arrangement.

Quality Assurance

A company will be less apt to construct a faulty or poorly constructed product or service because the repair and replacement costs will revert back to them. This will benefit the principal company to have a preview of the overall cost and when the project will be done.

Holistic Service

It is more time and cost-efficient to engage in a service contracting company if you need two or more services rather than outsourcing multiple different companies.

At TOTC Inc., we can transform your business operations. We provide service contracts in the fields of construction, manufacturing, building maintenance, production, and agriculture.

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Our Story

Toplis Offshore Training Center has been inspired by its mission to provide holistic development for Filipino workers since it started in 2007.  The idea was to develop a facility to train and certify welders that would be deployed by manning agencies for international employment in cruise ships, oil rigs, and platforms, construction, electrical and industrial sites.  95% of the registered manning agencies here in Metro Manila have been our partner in enhancing the skills of Offshore, Maritime, and other Industry workers in various types of welding applications.  With our continuous commitment to provide a global standard facility and training, more and more Filipinos have found life-forming opportunities outside the country as they mastered their craft.  But it didn’t end there. As a business for more than a decade, Toplis Offshore Training Center has realized the need to be more capable of providing service to the community. It was that moment when Toplis Offshore decided to expand the business to provide local employment for more skilled workers.  Year 2017, the company officially introduced service contracting.  The idea was to partner with local businesses to be their service provider from equipment, tools, specialized machinery, and trained workers in the field of construction, manufacturing, building maintenance, and other related industries.  In due course, clients see the value of what we do in service contracting. Most of our clients have started requesting services that are not part of what we initially do as a training facility.  We have started to grow our service contracting arm and even expanded to construction services.  But this year, the transformation begins.  We will continue to transform and improve the skills of the Filipino workforce. We will continue to transform and enhance every industry and its business.  This 2022, Toplis Offshore Training Center Incorporated is now TOTC Inc., your transformation partner through training, service contracting, and trading.