Service Contracting

Manpower Solutions and Service Agreement

We offer an end-to-end client experience in providing full line of resources from manpower, tools, equipment, and specialized machineries

What is Service Contracting?

Service contracting refers to full arrangement between TOTC Incorporate and our clients in providing services for from technical requirements, equipment and manpower.

We, as service contractor, engage in an agreement between the company by defining the scope of work and key performance indicator for the partnership. 

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How TOTC can help you and your business?

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Why Choose TOTC as your Service Contractor?

TOTC Incorporated has proven 90% success rate and capability to recruit and deploy manpower nationwide even at short notice.

What makes us different from other service contractor and manpower provider company?

  • We are ISO certified service Contractor Company.
  • We provide everything, from tools, equipment, machinery, and other specialized requirements
  • We have a flexible pricing and services contract engagement
  • We have our very own technical team (e.g., Engineer, Foreman, Architect) who is able to monitor and manage the activity and KPI for each project)

The Industries We Serve

We have wide range of experience across all industries from construction, building maintenance, manufacturing, and even agricultural.

The Core Services We Provide

The Service Contractor Agreement

Our service contractor agreement is customizable and flexible to meet specific and special requirements of our clients from terms to deliverables.

We define the scope of work and timeline for the services we’re providing. Our agreement also includes crisis handling management. 

Part of this agreement also is making sure that all the workers involved in the services we render are receiving the right mandatory benefits and value-added benefits like group accident insurance and HMO.

What to Include in a Service Contractor Agreement

  • Description of Service
  • Documents
  • Cost
  • Payment Terms
  • Timeline
  • Materials, tools, machinery and labor
  • Obligations
  • Permits and documents
  • Location Other special requests

We offer quality service to all our clients, from manpower to equipment, as well as effective training facilities and programs for our employees. We also have a vast nationwide network coverage, which assures that we can provide quality service across all areas in the country.


In need of additional manpower for your business? Do you need technical services that require tools and specialized machinery?

Feel free to reach out to us! We look forward to working with you!

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